Nathan, Glendowie

I rang Jennifer to see if yoga could help me with my sore back, yes I work in an office and my posture needs work, Jennifer was very helpful and obviously new a lot about yoga techniques and methodology and hence explained that she could help.

So we organised a session at my house (very convenient), and got into it. After the first session I was pretty sore, but I found the exercise Jennifer put me through made my back straighter and my posture improved markedly. We now do weekly session, I really enjoy it and the benefit is I walk straighter, my muscles are more flexible and I can bend like I have never been able to before.

Jennifer’s manner is relaxed and she is great at recommending different ways to do certain muscle stretches so that it works and all with a few laughs as well.

I recommend yoga with Jennifer without question.


Jo, Orakei

Jen is a fantastic teacher and inspiration. She has an incredible understanding of the human body  and a sense of humour which creates a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to learn. I come out of her classes feeling great!


Ashley, Parnell

I have the medical condition “haemophilia” – a rare condition that cause lots of internal bleeds and with time damages the linings of joints. Whilst there is no cure for this condition, one of the best ways to manage it, is to build strong muscles which in turn are less likely to bleed and which can be more protective of the joints.  At the time I decided to start yoga, my overall health was generally bad and just normal daily routine was visibly getting harder like doing stairs.

Jen was able and professional in her approach to assist me in rebuilding the strength of the muscles and regaining flexibility of movement. Since I have started the yoga sessions, I am glad to say that my bleeds have generally decreased by five times and while there is still quite a long way to achieve perfect strength, I definitely feel much stronger, able to do activities more easily and life is more enjoyable in general.


Rachel, Remuera

Every week, I look forward to my precious hour of yoga with Jen and the amazing feeling at the end of class. When I started with Jen two years ago, following major abdominal surgery, I was very tentative with my body. Now I can do a ‘down dog’, an ‘up dog’ and the less well known ‘Flashdance’ move! I know Jen will tailor the class to my energy level, keeping up the variety and always pushing me to do new moves to improve my body confidence and functional movement. Jen delivers a class that combines the benefits of her deep understanding of physiology, research into your particular issues and the absolute belief that she can help you get well. She can do calm, fun or firm – and is always professional and focused on you getting the best results from your hour.


Lesley, Remuera

Since 2011, Jennifer has been doing twice weekly yoga therapy with me.  I have Parkinson’s Disease and she helps keep my body as able as it will let me.  She keeps me positive, always a smile on her face and very patient as she takes me through all my stretches; gently assisting me through the harder days, while making me use what strength I have on others. My Neurologist is very happy with the slower progression of the disease on my balance and movement.  And because of yoga with Jennifer, she has helped me stay at home for much longer than I thought was possible with no extra help.  I fully recommend her to anyone who needs yoga.


Sarah, Orakei

Jen is a wonderful instructor who knows just what you need in each session. She is very encouraging which is important for me as I am a real beginner who has much to learn.  She has an easy communication style that is both informative and warm. Being able to do yoga with Jen at home is brilliant for a working mother and allows me to take time out to focus on myself for a precious hour in the middle of a busy day.